Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes (SLOs) identify the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that students will be able to demonstrate as a result of their engagement in a particular course, program, or collegiate experience. These learning outcomes are the larger lessons that students take from their educational experiences at MiraCosta College and apply to their courses, their careers, and their lives.

Together, institutional, general education, program, and course-level student learning outcomes represent a common set of expectations around which the college’s core offerings are organized. Program-level SLOs are listed under Areas of Study in the catalog; course-level SLOs are available to students in their course syllabi and in official course outlines of record, which may be accessed at

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Effective Communication

  • Write, speak, read, listen, and otherwise communicate

  • Communicate clearly, accurately, and logically

  • Communicate appropriately for the context

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

  • Define and analyze problems clearly

  • Think independently, creatively, logically, and effectively

  • Apply appropriate problem solving methods

  • Analyze and synthesize information from multiple perspectives

Professional & Ethical Behavior

  • Demonstrate responsible and professional conduct, in the classroom, workplace, and community

  • Demonstrate the ability to work independently and collaboratively

Information Literacy

  • Identify information needed

  • Collect information effectively and efficiently

  • Evaluate and analyze information

  • Use and apply information accurately and appropriately

Global Awareness

  • Demonstrate respect for diversity and multiple perspectives

  • Value his/her place and role in an increasingly interconnected global community

  • Demonstrate cultural and environmental awareness