Honors Scholar Program

Oceanside, Student Center: 760.795.6878


The Honors Scholar Program (HSP) provides highly motivated students enriched academic experiences as well as opportunities for civic engagement. Successful completion of the program may give honors students a competitive edge in consideration for transfer admission to some four-year colleges and universities.

Students interested in virtually every major can participate in the Honors Scholar Program while making continuous progress toward graduation from MiraCosta College and transfer to a four-year institution. Honors students are guided by a Transfer Center counselor to establish an individualized education plan that best suits their particular educational goals. 

Additionally, the Honors Scholar Program cultivates a heightened sense of community for its members by actively supporting social activities, themed learning groups, and cultural outings that build camaraderie and public service. Honors Lounges located at both the Oceanside and San Elijo campuses provide communal space for honors students to study, socialize, and collaborate.

Honors courses are designed to develop exceptional academic ability by providing challenging course work through intensive instruction from outstanding faculty in small classes. These courses fulfill IGETC and CSU general education requirements and are offered at both the Oceanside and San Elijo campuses.  

Of special note, exemplary students in the Honors Scholar Program have opportunities to present and publish their academic work at undergraduate research conferences in California.

The Honors Scholar Program at MiraCosta College is a certified member of the UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP), closely coordinating its program outcomes with admission requirements for UCLA’s College of Letters and Science. The Honors Scholar Program is also a certified member of the UC Irvine Honors to Honors program. Students who complete the Honors Scholar Program requirements with a 3.7 average are eligible to join the UCI Honors to Honors program immediately upon transfer and enjoy benefits such as priority registration, mentorship, special Honors library study room, and unique research opportunities. The program is an active participating member of the Honors Transfer Council of California, the Western Regional Honors Conference, and the National Honors Collegiate Council.  

Honors students interested in leadership development may also apply to become an Honors Navigator. Students carefully selected for this role serve as peer mentors or project leaders and participate in outreach efforts for the Honors Scholar Program.

Current Honors Curriculum

While HSP students in good standing have first access to honors courses, any student may enroll in an honors course; acceptance to the Honors Scholar Program is not required for enrollment.

Complete five from the following:
Introduction to the Administration of Justice (Honors)
Biological Anthropology (Honors)
Cultural Anthropology (Honors)
History of Modern Art (Honors)
Foundations of Biology: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, and Molecular Biology (Honors)
Human Anatomy (Honors)
Legal Environment of Business (Honors)
Business Communication (Honors)
Introductory Chemistry (Honors)
General Chemistry (Honors)
General Chemistry (Honors)
Organic Chemistry I (Honors)
Organic Chemistry II (Honors)
Critical Thinking, Composition, and Literature (Honors)
Critical Thinking and Composition (Honors)
Introduction to Film (Honors)
Physical Geology (Honors)
Physical Geology Laboratory (Honors)
World History to 1500 (Honors)
World History Since 1500 (Honors)
Western Civilization to 1648 (Honors)
Western Civilization Since 1648 (Honors)
History of England (Honors)
History of Technology (Honors)
History of the Middle East (Honors)
United States History to 1877 (Honors)
United States History Since 1877 (Honors)
American Military History (Honors)
History of the Americas to 1830 (Honors)
History of the Americas Since 1830 (Honors)
Introduction to the Arts (Honors)
Research in the Digital Age (Honors)
Shakespeare Studies (Honors)
Calculus and Analytic Geometry (Honors)
Calculus and Analytic Geometry III (Honors)
Jazz History (Honors)
Introduction to Oceanography (Honors)
Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality (Honors)
Introduction to Climate Change (Honors)
Principles of Physics I (Honors)
Principles of Physics II (Honors)
Principles of Physics III (Honors)
General Psychology (Honors)
Statistics for Behavioral Science (Honors)
Introduction to Sociology (Honors)
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (Honors)

Program Admission Requirements

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 in high school or 3.25 in 12 units of college-degree applicable course work
  • Be eligible for English 100, as established by an assessment test or equivalent
  • Complete the honors application, including application form, statement of purpose, two letters of recommendation, unofficial transcripts, and signed Statement of Academic Integrity
  • Complete the matriculation process (orientation, testing, and advisement).

Students who do not meet admission requirements directly may submit an Appeal for Admission, which is reviewed on a case-by-case basis by an ad hoc committee organized by the Honors Coordinator.

Application instructions and forms are available online at www.miracosta.edu/studentservices/honorsscholar/.

Program Completion Requirements

For MiraCosta College Certified Honors Scholars

  • Minimum degree applicable GPA of 3.25 in college course work
  • Completion of five honors courses representing at least 15 units of honors course work
  • Active involvement in HSP at MiraCosta College for a minimum of two semesters
  • Participation in 20 verified hours of honors activities
  • Responsible and ethical behavior upheld, as outlined in the Statement of Academic Integrity and MiraCosta College Standards of Student Conduct.

For UCLA TAP (College of Letters and Science) and UCI Preference Certifications

  • Minimum  degree applicable cumulative GPA of 3.50 in college course work
  • Completion of five honors courses representing at least 15 units of honors course work
  • Enrollment in honors courses for two semesters at MiraCosta College
  • Education Plan established with the MiraCosta College Transfer Center
  • Responsible and ethical behavior upheld, as outlined in the Statement of Academic Integrity and MiraCosta College Standards of Student Conduct.

For a complete description of requirements for program admission, good standing, and program completion, contact the MiraCosta College Honors Office or visit the website.