Languages, Communication, and Humanities

Are you inspired by the use of language and communication to shed light on global issues, struggles, and stories? Would you like to build a world where people connect to each other through language, ideas, and cultural expression?

  • The knowledge and skills gained through the Languages, Communication, and Humanities ACP will prepare you for career and transfer opportunities in a broad range of fields, such as teaching, translation and interpretation, journalism, media, entertainment, marketing, public relations, government, international business, international relations, and law.

Careers in Languages, Communication, and Humanities*

  • Teachers, professors, and educators.
  • Diplomats, Foreign Service officers, lawyers, and historians.
  • Language interpreters, translators, and linguists.
  • Publishers, journalists, writers, copywriters, and public relations, advertising, and marketing professionals.

*Many of these careers require a bachelor’s degree or higher.