Cooperative Work Experience Education (Co-op)

Oceanside, Building 4700: 760.795.6772

Co-ops are customized credit classes designed to help students develop and improve their workplace competencies while undertaking expanded responsibilities and learning new skills at work. Students learn how to establish and achieve workplace goals and to assess how their goals and behaviors contribute to their development as professionals.

Students working in jobs related to their major should enroll in Occupational Cooperative Work Experience Education courses, which are the courses numbered 299 in a variety of career and technical education disciplines. Students who are undecided about their major or who are working in a field unrelated to their major should enroll in the General Cooperative Work Experience Education course, WKEX 233. Both types of co-op courses help students learn how to achieve the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need for career success. 

Students enrolled in any cooperative work experience education course are required to do the following:

  • Attend two meetings with the instructor and supervisor at the student's work site during the semester.
  • Work a minimum of 60 non-paid hours per unit or 75 paid hours per unit, for a maximum of 4 units per semester (occupational co-op only; 3 units is the maximum for general co-op).
  • Develop and meet learning objectives, complete assignments, and document monthly hours worked.

Specific information about the Co-op Program is available on the Career Center website.