Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences is an interdisciplinary field that includes astronomy and space science, climatology, geology, physical geography, and oceanography. Students take courses in these areas of study to prepare for a major or to fulfill general education requirements in physical science.

Academic and Career Pathway: Math and Sciences

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Eric Snortum

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EART 106: Earth and Space Science

Units: 3
Prerequisites: None
Acceptable for Credit: CSU, UC
Lecture 3 hours.
Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, and Summer

This course introduces astronomy, including planetary origin and motions; Earth science, including origin and composition of Earth, landforms, and plate tectonics; atmospheric processes, including climate and weather; Earth's oceans, other bodies of water, and their currents and tides; the hydrologic cycle. UC CREDIT LIMITATION: No credit if taken after a college level course in astronomy, Earth science, or geology.