College Leadership

Board of Trustees

President, Trustee Area 2 (Cardiff, Rancho Santa Fe) - Rick Cassar, M.S.

Vice President, Trustee Area 6 (Northwest Oceanside) - David Broad, Ph.D.

Trustee Area 1 (Del Mar, Solana Beach) - Anna Pedroza, M.S.

Trustee Area 3 (Encinitas, La Costa) - Jacqueline Simon, M.A.

Trustee Area 4 (Carlsbad) - Frank Merchat, B.S.

Trustee Area 5 (South Oceanside) - George McNeil, M.A.

Trustee Area 7 (Northeast Oceanside) - William C. Fischer, Ph.D.

Superintendent/President - Sunita Cooke, Ph.D.

Student Trustee - Kristina Quandt

Administrative Officers

Superintendent/President - Sunita Cooke, Ph.D.

Vice President, Administrative Services - Tim Flood, M.P.A.

Vice President, Human Resources - Charlie Ng, M.B.A.

Vice President, Instructional Services - Diane Dieckmeyer, Ed.D.

Vice President, Student Services - Alketa Wojcik, Ed.D.

Associate Vice President, Institutional Advancement - Cynthia Rice Carroll, M.A.

Director, Public and Governmental Relations, Marketing, and Communications - Kristen Huyck, Ed.D.

Interim Dean, Library and Academic Information Services - Scott Conrad, Ed.D.

Dean, Admissions and Student Support - Freddy Ramirez, Ed.D.

Dean, Arts and International Languages - Jonathan Fohrman, M.A.

Dean, Continuing and Community Education - John Makevich, M.S.

Dean, Career Education and Workforce Development - Albert Taccone, Ph.D.

Dean, Counseling and Student Development - Wendy Stewart, Ed.D.

Dean, Letters, Humanities, and Communication Studies and San Elijo Campus Site Administrator - Dana Smith, M.A.

Dean, Math and Sciences - Michael Fino, Ed.D.

Dean, Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness - TBD

Dean, Student Life and Judicial Affairs - Nick Mortaloni, M.S.W.

Associate Dean, Career Education - Zhenya Lindstrom, M.S.

Associate Dean, Nursing and Allied Health - Sandy Comstock, M.S.N.

Department Chairs

Administration of Justice - Steve Isachsen

Adult High School - Angela Senigaglia

Art - Dean Ramos

Automotive Technology - Paul Katson (Fall 2020) and Steve Vail (Spring 2021)

Biological Sciences - Stacey Hull, Ph.D.

Biotechnology - Barbara Juncosa, Ph.D.

Business - Dolores Loedel

Career Studies and Services - Donna Davis

Chemistry - Kent McCorkle, Ph.D.

Child Development - Claudia Flores

Communication Studies - Eric Robertson

Computer Science - Nery Chapeton-Lamas (Fall 2020) and Michael Paulding Ph.D. (Spring 2021)

Computer Studies and Information Technology - Rick Cassoni

Counseling - Donny Munshower

Dance - Dave Massey

Design - Paul Clarke

Disabled Students Programs and Services - Jeff Higginbotham

English as a Second Language - Mary Gross 

General Noncredit and Short-Term Vocation - Erica Duran

History - Robert Bond, Ph.D.

Horticulture - Megan Allison

International Languages - Rosa Viramontes

Kinesiology, Health, and Nutrition - Robert Fulbright, Ph.D.

Letters, Pre-Transfer - Jake Strona

Letters, Transfer - Maria Figueroa

Library Science - Glorian Sipman

Mathematics - Leila Safaralian, Ed.D.

Media Arts and Technologies - Leigh Cotnoir

Music - Arlie Langager

Noncredit English as a Second Language - Ruth Gay

Nursing and Allied Health - Sue Simpson

Philosophy - Jeffrey Murico, Ph.D.

Physical Sciences - Joe Salamon, Ph.D.

Psychology - Krista Byrd

Social Science - Lynne Miller, Ph.D.

Sociology - Bruce Hoskins, Ph.D. 

Theatre and Film - Billy Gunn, Ph.D.

Academic Senate

President - Luke Lara, Ed.D.

Vice President - Leila Safaralian, Ed.D.

Coordinating Officer - Thao Ha, Ph.D.

Full-Time Faculty Representatives

Senator - Yesenia Balcazar

Senator - David Bonds

Senator - Rick Cassoni

Senator - Steven Deineh

Senator - Zulema Diaz

Senator - Himgauri Kulkarni, Ph.D.

Senator - Edward Pohlert, Psy.D.

Senator - Oswaldo Ramirez

Associate Faculty Representatives

Senator - Robin Allyn

Senator - Ingrid Bairstow

Senator - Susan Pynes

Senator - Hossein Ravanbaksh

Senator - Krista Warren

Ex-Officio Member - Sunita Cooke, Ph.D.

Classified Senate

President - ​Carl Banks

Vice President ​Lori Schneider

Treasurer - Marlesha Keys

Secretary ​Rachel Garcia

Senator - Amber Ansari

Senator -​ Angelena Boles

Senator ​Kate Coleman

Senator - Allison Cotter

Senator - Carrie Everts

Senator Tori Fishinger

Senator - Silvia Martinez

Senator - Ingrid Phillips

Ex-Officio Member - Sunita Cooke, Ph.D.

Ex-Officio Member - TBD