The Education discipline offers preparation for multiple- and single-subject teaching credentials as well as introductory courses to assist students in making career choices. A liberal studies major is recommended for students planning to transfer to CSU to earn a multiple-subject (grades K-6) credential. Requirements vary among transfer institutions, so students planning to earn a bachelor's degree and teaching credential should meet with a MiraCosta College counselor early in their first semester to identify courses that will meet requirements for their intended major and transfer institution.

Academic and Career Pathway: Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Chair: Claudia Flores

Dean: Al Taccone

Department: Child Development

Office: Building OC4800, 760.795.6811

How to Read Course Descriptions

For more detailed information about a course, such as its content, objectives, and fulfillment of a degree, certificate, or general education requirement, please see the official course outline of record, available on the Courses and Programs webpage at


EDUC 115: Foundations of Teaching as a Profession

Units: 3
Prerequisites: None
Acceptable for Credit: CSU, UC
Lecture 3 hours.
Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

This course introduces teaching careers in primary and secondary education and involves 15 hours of supervised fieldwork in community K-12 settings. Topics include the historical, sociological, and philosophical foundations of education; contemporary issues in public education; teaching pedagogy, curriculum, and instruction; teacher and student roles in the teaching/learning process; teacher qualifications and dispositions, California schools, and the credentialing system; and the contributions of culture, ethnicity, race, language, age, gender, sexual orientation, motivation, and learning styles.

EDUC 292: Internship Studies

Units: 0.5-3
Prerequisites: None
Corequisite: Complete 75 hrs paid or 60 hrs non-paid work per unit.
Enrollment Limitation: Instructor, dept chair, and Career Center approval. May not enroll in any combination of cooperative work experience and/or internship studies concurrently.
Acceptable for Credit: CSU
Course Typically Offered: To be arranged

This course provides students the opportunity to apply the theories and techniques of their discipline in an internship position in a professional setting under the instruction of a faculty-mentor and site supervisor. It introduces students to aspects of the roles and responsibilities of professionals employed in the field of study. Topics include goal-setting, employability skills development, and examination of the world of work as it relates to the student's career plans. Students must develop new learning objectives and/or intern at a new site upon each repetition. Students may not earn more than 16 units in any combination of cooperative work experience (general or occupational) and/or internship studies during community college attendance.