Transfer Options

MiraCosta College students who wish to complete a bachelor’s degree have the opportunity to transfer to a variety of public and private/independent colleges and universities both in California and out-of-state. The public institutions MiraCosta students can transfer to are the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU).

MiraCosta’s curriculum is designed to prepare students to transfer to four-year colleges or universities by providing instruction in lower-division general education coursework and preparatory courses for specific majors. Courses that can be used to satisfy general education and major preparation requirements at specific UC and CSU campuses can be found on the ASSIST website at As the official repository of articulation for California’s colleges and universities, ASSIST provides the most accurate and up-to-date information available about student transfer in California.

As soon as possible after registering at MiraCosta, students should choose the specific major area they wish to pursue and the four-year public or private college or university they wish to attend. The college’s academic counselors are available to help students make these important decisions and become aware of the entrance and graduation requirements that are specific to their desired transfer institution.

MiraCosta’s academic counselors are also available to help students develop a personalized educational plan. By outlining the coursework required to complete the student’s educational goal or program of study, an educational plan helps students avoid taking unnecessary courses, which can waste time and money. As a term-by-term roadmap that leads to an educational goal, the “ed plan” ensures students take transferable courses that will satisfy general education and major-preparation requirements. Once a student’s educational plan is completed, they can access it wherever they can access their SURF account.

Please see the Transfer Center Services page for specific recommendations about how to pursue transfer as your educational goal.