Student Eligibility for Refund

Refunds of enrollment, non-resident, Student Center, health services, and materials fees are given to the following students:

  • Those whose classes have been canceled by the district.
  • Those who have officially dropped from classes (they have dropped online using SURF or turned in a Drop Card to the Admissions and Records Office) during the first two weeks of a full-semester class (or by 10 percent of a short-term class).
  • Those who are members of an active or reserve military service who receive orders compelling a withdrawal from courses at any time during the semester.

Processing of Refunds

Refunds are automatically mailed or credited to the student's credit card throughout the semester. Students who have not received their refund by the sixth week of classes should call the Student Accounts Office at 760.795.6835.

Students who receive federal financial aid funds and totally withdraw before the 60 percent date of the term require a refund and repayment calculation to determine funds owed back to the various federal aid programs by both the college and the student. Unofficial withdrawals (grades of all Fs and/or Ws) also require a refund and repayment calculation. Refunds of federal aid programs are made according to a formula established by the U.S. Department of Education. Additional information is available in the Financial Aid Office.