Students must attend the first class meeting and arrive on time or risk being dropped from the class to make room for another student. Students taking online courses should log in to the course on the first day of class. Directions for logging in are located at

Instructors are required to drop inactive students no later than the end of the last business day before the census date. Inactive students include those who have been identified as no-shows, those who have officially withdrawn from the class, and those who are no longer participating in the class. "No longer participating" includes, but is not limited to, excessive unexcused absences but must relate to nonattendance. In an online environment, nonparticipation in class activities will be interpreted as nonattendance. (See class syllabi for census date and class attendance policies, including what constitutes excessive absences.)

Instructors are allowed to drop students who are no longer participating in a class through the 75 percent point of the term, but they are not required to do so. A student who does not take responsibility for dropping a class may receive an "F" as a final grade.

Students who choose to drop a class are responsible for doing so using the SURF online registration system or in person at the Admissions and Records Office.

(Source: MCCD Administrative Procedure 5075. All MiraCosta College board policies and administrative procedures are located on the Board of Trustees webpage.)