Career & Life Planning

Career and life planning courses help students make effective decisions regarding their career and life choices, and they provide the tools and techniques for developing a balanced, integrated lifestyle. Students gain self-understanding and develop techniques for successful career development and employment searches. The courses emphasize increasing self-knowledge, exploring potential majors and career paths, organizing successful job searches, and developing effective workplace behaviors and attitudes.

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Chair: Donna Davis

Dean: Al Taccone

Department: Career Studies & Services

Office: Building OC4700, 760.795.6772

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Robbi Rosen

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CRLP 100: Career and Life Planning

Units: 3
Prerequisites: None
Enrollment Limitation: Not open to students with credit in COUN 100.
Acceptable for Credit: CSU, UC Credit limitation
Lecture 3 hours. (4930.12)
Course Typically Offered: F, SP, SU

This course assists students in successfully establishing and achieving education, career, and life goals through a comprehensive approach to effective planning. Students relate their interests, personality, learning style, transferable skills, and work values to academic major and career options. They also examine the stages of career development, tasks appropriate to each stage, and subsequent implications for education and career choice over the lifespan. Topics include decision-making and goal-setting strategies, preparing effectively for work and lifelong learning in a global economy, and job-search skills, including developing a resume, a cover letter, and interviewing skills. The course emphasizes the importance of taking personal responsibility for one's educational, career, and personal decisions to achieve satisfaction through work and life balance. UC CREDIT LIMITATION: Credit for CRLP 100, COUN 100, COUN 105, COUN 110, or INTR 100.

CRLP 101: Introduction to Career Planning

Units: 1
Prerequisites: None
Acceptable for Credit: CSU
Lecture 1 hour. (4930.12)
Course Typically Offered: F, SP, SU

This course introduces students to the career planning process. It explores the student's interests, values, skills, and personality preferences as they relate to potential career options. Topics include career research, decision-making styles, and job search strategies. The course emphasizes the process for actively managing one's own career. Offered pass/no pass only.