The Counseling Department offers courses that help students develop the skills they need to succeed in college and make effective career and life choices. The department also offers Special Topics courses related to various areas of academic, career, and personal development.

Contact Information

Chair: Wendy Horton

Dean: Wendy Stewart

Department: Counseling

Office: Building OC3700, 760.795.6670

Full-Time Faculty

Adrean Askerneese
Larry Burns
Nancy Steffens Diaz
Arti Dua
Karina Duarte-Braunstein
Michelle Farnam
Lise Flocken
Hilda Gomez-Zinn
Laura Hayek
Wendy Horton
Melissa Hughes
Luke Lara
Sinar Lomeli
Rebecca Morgan
Candelaria Owens
Oswaldo Ramirez
Soraya Sandoval
Nancy Klump Schaefer
Jed Schlueter
Cynthia Vasquez Gonzales
Constance Wilbur
Kristi Wish
Afifa Zaman

How to Read Course Descriptions

For more detailed information about a course, such as its content, objectives, and fulfillment of a degree, certificate, or general education requirement, please see the official course outline of record, available at


COUN 100: College and Career Success

Units: 3
Prerequisites: None
Enrollment Limitation: Not open to students with credit in CRLP 100 or COUN 110.
Acceptable for Credit: CSU, UC
Lecture 3 hours. (4930.12)
Course Typically Offered: F, SP, SU

This course teaches success strategies to enhance academic and lifelong learning while integrating career and academic planning. Students learn self-management strategies such as time, money, and stress. They complete career assessments to explore interests, personality, learning style, transferable skills, and values as they relate to academic major and career options. Students are provided tools and resources to enhance their educational and career success. The course emphasizes taking responsibility for one's education, career, and personal decisions to set goals and achieve satisfaction through work and life balance. UC CREDIT LIMITATION: Credit for COUN 100, COUN 105, or INTR 100.

COUN 101: Orientation to College

Units: 1
Prerequisites: None
Acceptable for Credit: CSU
Lecture 1 hour. (4930.13)
Course Typically Offered: F

This course focuses on the practical tools, information, strategies, and skills development necessary for academic success during students' first year in college. It emphasizes the function of higher education, study skills, introduction and application of academic support services, and personal development skills. This course is recommended for first year college students or re-entry students.

COUN 103: Math Success Strategies

Units: 1
Prerequisites: None
Advisory: MATH 20, MATH 30, OR MATH 64.
Lecture 1 hour. (4930.10)
Course Typically Offered: TBA

This course is designed to be taken with a basic math course, such as MATH 20, 30, or 64. It emphasizes the exploration and application of different learning styles in learning math, mastering common math vocabulary and concepts, and improving study strategies for successful completion of basic math classes. As a secondary emphasis, the course examines how to improve math-specific performance. Taking this course simultaneously with a basic math course allows for meaningful practice and mastery of material taught in both courses. Offered pass/no-pass only.

COUN 105: Transfer Success

Units: 1
Prerequisites: None
Acceptable for Credit: CSU, UC
Lecture 1 hour. (4930.13)
Course Typically Offered: F, SP, SU

This course promotes academic success by providing students with information that will clarify the transfer process, identify support services on campus, and assist them in developing a comprehensive transfer plan. Topics include a review of higher education options, the process for determining a major, applications and admissions timelines, and criteria for establishing educational goals. Offered pass/no pass only. UC CREDIT LIMITATION: Credit for CRLP 100, COUN 100, COUN 105, COUN 110, or INTR 100.

COUN 292: Internship Studies

Units: 0.5-3
Prerequisites: None
Corequisite: Complete 75 hrs paid or 60 hrs non-paid work per unit.
Enrollment Limitation: Instructor, dept chair, and Career Center approval. May not enroll in any combination of cooperative work experience and/or internship studies concurrently.
Acceptable for Credit: CSU
Course Typically Offered: TBA

This course provides students the opportunity to apply the theories and techniques of their discipline in an internship position in a professional setting under the instruction of a faculty-mentor and site supervisor. It introduces students to aspects of the roles and responsibilities of professionals employed in the field of study. Topics include goal-setting, employability skills development, and examination of the world of work as it relates to the student's career plans. Students must develop new learning objectives and/or intern at a new site upon each repetition. Students may not earn more than 16 units in any combination of cooperative work experience (general or occupational) and/or internship studies during community college attendance.

COUN 296: Topics in Counseling

Units: 3
Prerequisites: None
Acceptable for Credit: CSU
Lecture 3 hours. (4930.13)
Course Typically Offered: TBA

This course gives students an opportunity to study topics in Counseling that are not included in regular course offerings. Each Topics course is announced, described, and given its own title and 296 number designation in the class schedule.