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Liberal Arts with an Area of Emphasis in Creative and Applied Arts

Liberal Arts with an Area of Emphasis in Creative and Applied Arts

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Chair: Joanne Benschop

Office: Building OCT550, 760.795.6881

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Joanne Benschop

Academic and Career Pathway: Creative and Applied Arts

Associate in Arts Degree

Liberal Arts with an Area of Emphasis in Creative and Applied Arts

These courses emphasize the nature of artistic activities and expression of art through analysis, examination, performance, and technical development. This emphasis provides students the opportunity to develop a multidisciplinary and global perspective within the arts. Students may explore technological art forms and gain an appreciation of their influential relationship with contemporary culture and society. This area of emphasis provides students with lower-division major preparation and a foundation for upper-division study for a wide range of majors within the arts, including applied computer graphics, animation/illustration, art, dance, film, graphic design, information technology and communication design, music, television, film and media studies, and visual and performing arts.

To earn this associate degree, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 60 degree-applicable units of credit (including major and general education courses).
  • Complete all courses required in the major with a “C” or “P” or better.
  • Complete a general education pattern of courses (see Associate Degrees).
  • Obtain a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  • Complete a minimum of 12 units in residence at MiraCosta College.

Program Student Learning Outcome Statement

  • Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to develop communication, critical thinking, and intellectual skills that effectively prepare him/her for lifelong learning and for advanced study in a wide range of majors at the university level.
Select a minimum of 18 units from the following:
ART 100Drawing and Composition3
ART 101Design and Color3
ART 102Drawing and Composition II3
ART 1033D Design3
ART 104Artists & Designers Now3
ART 157Art Orientation3
ART 158Traditional Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas3
ART 200Drawing III3
ART 201Objects and Ideas in Contemporary Art3
ART 202Painting I: Acrylic3
ART 203Figure Drawing I3
ART 204Painting I: Oils3
ART 205Painting I: Watercolor3
ART 206Mixed Media Figure Studies I3
ART 207Film Photography I3
ART 208Film Photography II3
ART 210Printmaking I3
ART 211Mixed Media Figure Studies II3
ART 212Painting II: Acrylic3
ART 213Figure Drawing II3
ART 214Painting II: Oils3
ART 215Painting II: Watercolor3
ART 216Sculpture3
ART 217Figure Sculpture I3
ART 218Printmaking II3
ART 219Figure Sculpture II3
ART 221Printmaking III3
ART 222Printmaking IV3
ART 223Woodworking and Furniture Design I3
ART 224Woodworking and Furniture Design II3
ART 225Ceramics I3
ART 226Ceramics II3
ART 227Ceramics III3
ART 228Ceramics IV3
ART 229Woodworking and Furniture Design III3
ART 230Installation Art3
ART 232Video Art3
ART 234Kinetic Art3
ART 239Woodworking and Furniture Design IV3
ART 241Painting III: Acrylic3
ART 242Painting III: Watercolor3
ART 244Digital Media for the Visual Artist3
ART 245Digital Art and Media3
ART 251Digital Photography3
ART 254Understanding and Appreciating the Photographic Image3
ART 258Ancient to Gothic Art3
ART 259History of Renaissance to Modern Art3
ART 260History of Modern Art3
or ART 260H History of Modern Art (Honors)
ART 261Mixed Media Figure Studies III3
ART 262Introduction to Silkscreen3
ART 263Figure Drawing III3
ART 264Painting III: Oils3
ART 270History and Theory of Museum and Gallery Exhibition3
ART 271Museum and Gallery Exhibition3
ART 295Visual Art/Professional Practice3
COMM 111Narrative Performance3
COMM 220Introduction to Mass Communication3
DNCE 100Dance Appreciation3
or DNCE 100H Dance Appreciation (Honors)
DNCE 101Dance History3
or DNCE 101H Dance History (Honors)
DNCE 104Dance on Film3
or DNCE 104H Dance on Film (Honors)
DNCE 105Dance Cultures of the World3
or DNCE 105H Dance Cultures of the World (Honors)
DNCE 121Hip Hop I1
DNCE 122Hip Hop II1
DNCE 130Middle Eastern Dance I1
DNCE 131Middle Eastern Dance II1
DNCE 132Afro-Cuban Dance I1
DNCE 133Afro-Cuban Dance II1
DNCE 140Ballroom Dance Technique I1
DNCE 143Ballroom Dance Technique II1
DNCE 146Latin Dance Technique I1
DNCE 152Ballet I1.5
DNCE 154Ballet II1.5
DNCE 166Jazz Dance I1.5
DNCE 168Jazz Dance II1.5
DNCE 169Introduction to World Dance Forms1
DNCE 176Modern Dance I1.5
DNCE 178Modern Dance II1.5
DNCE 179Musical Theatre Dance Production1-2
DNCE 185Choreography3
DNCE 191Tap Dance I1.5
DNCE 201Contemporary Dance Production II1.5
DNCE 202Contemporary Dance Production III1.5
DNCE 203Contemporary Dance Production IV1.5
DNCE 204Classical Dance Production I1.5
DNCE 205Classical Dance Production II1.5
DNCE 206Classical Dance Production III1.5
DNCE 207Classical Dance Production IV1.5
DNCE 230Middle Eastern Dance III1
DNCE 231Middle Eastern Dance IV1
DNCE 256Contemporary Dance Intensive IV1.5
DNCE 263Contemporary Dance Workshop and Performance A1.5
DNCE 264Contemporary Dance Workshop and Performance B1.5
DNCE 267Contemporary Dance Workshop and Performance C1.5
DNCE 268Jazz Dance IV1.5
DNCE 269Contemporary Dance Workshop and Performance D1.5
DRAM 105Introduction to Theatre3
DRAM 107Introduction to Design for Performance3
DRAM 110Voice and Diction3
DRAM 123Script Analysis for Performance and Design3
DRAM 126Shakespearean Acting Lab1
DRAM 130Acting I3
DRAM 131Audition Preparation for the Stage2
DRAM 134Introduction to Performance3
DRAM 141Lighting Design for Theatre, Television, and Film3
DRAM 146Costume Design for Theatre, Television, and Film3
DRAM 148Acting for the Camera3
DRAM 201Rehearsal and Performance: Dramatic Theatre1-3
DRAM 202Rehearsal and Performance: Comedic Theatre1-3
DRAM 203Rehearsal and Performance: Classical Theatre1-3
DRAM 204Rehearsal and Performance: Musical Theatre1-3
DRAM 210Rehearsal and Performance: Technical Theatre1-3
DRAM 226Advanced Performance Lab1
DRAM 227Dramatic Improvisation1
DRAM 231Acting II3
DRAM 232Movement for the Stage2
DRAM 253Makeup for Theatre, Television, and Film3
DRAM 256Stagecraft for Theatre, Television, and Film3
DRAM 273Acting, Voice, and Movement Workshop1
ENGL 280Creative Writing3
FILM 101Introduction to Film3
or FILM 101H Introduction to Film (Honors)
FILM 106Study of Filmed Plays3
FILM 111Film History I: 1880-19453
or FILM 111H Film History I: 1880-1945 (Honors)
FILM 112Film History II: 1945-Present3
or FILM 112H Film History II: 1945-Present (Honors)
MAT 120Media Design 1: Production3
MAT 125Web Design 1: Fundamentals3
MAT 135Graphic Design 1: Principles3
MAT 150Animation and Interactivity3
MTEC 110Recording Arts I2
MTEC 111Recording Arts II2
MTEC 120Digital Audio Production I2
MTEC 140Sound Reinforcement I2
MTEC 141Sound Reinforcement II2
MTEC 210Recording Arts III2
MTEC 211Recording Arts IV2
MTEC 220Digital Audio Production II2
MUS 100Introduction to Music Theory3
MUS 101Music Theory I3
MUS 102Music Theory II3
MUS 103Musicianship I1
MUS 104Musicianship II1
MUS 115History of Classical Music3
MUS 120Piano I1
MUS 121Piano II1
MUS 129Piano for Music Majors II1
MUS 131Guitar II1
MUS 150AContemporary Big Band I1
MUS 150BContemporary Big Band II1
MUS 152ASmall Group Jazz Ensemble I1.5
MUS 152BSmall Group Jazz Ensemble II1.5
MUS 155APopular Music Ensemble I1
MUS 155BPopular Music Ensemble II1
MUS 161AConcert Chorale I1
MUS 161BConcert Chorale II1
MUS 164Musical Theater Ensemble1
MUS 166AVocal Jazz Ensemble I1.5
MUS 166BVocal Jazz Ensemble II1.5
MUS 201Advanced Music Theory3
MUS 203Advanced Musicianship1
MUS 250AContemporary Big Band III1
MUS 250BContemporary Big Band IV1
MUS 252ASmall Group Jazz Ensemble III1.5
MUS 252BSmall Group Jazz Ensemble IV1.5
MUS 253Jazz/Commercial Improvisation2
MUS 255APopular Music Ensemble III1
MUS 255BPopular Music Ensemble IV1
MUS 266AVocal Jazz Ensemble III1.5
MUS 266BVocal Jazz Ensemble IV1.5

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