Learning Communities

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Learning Communities form when a group of students takes two courses together, and the courses are linked to enhance the students’ experiences. Learning Communities are meaningful because they help students make connections between courses, instructors, and classmates. Advantages of learning communities include the following:

  • Students get to know each other well; they work together and with their instructors over the entire semester.
  • Instructors overlap their lessons to promote students’ learning and skills across both courses.
  • Many learning communities explore shared themes, readings, and/or projects that encourage students to extend their knowledge to their college, communities, and world.
  • Support from Student Services is part of the learning community to help students with personal and academic success.

Students must enroll in both classes and attend both; however, each instructor teaches his or her own course and has his or her own student learning outcomes and grading policies. 

Current Learning Communities:  

ENGL 100 + FILM 101

         "I Want Your Brains: Writing Persuasively & Watching Thoughtfully"

ENGL 100 + CS 111 (Computer Science)

          "Composition, Coding, & Cyborgs: C^3"                                                         

ENGL 100/ENGL 52 + COUN 100

 “Mana I: Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC)”

ENGL 201 + SOC 101                                          

“Mana II: Crossing Cultural Oceans”