Plan B

CSU General Education-Breadth Courses 2016–2017

AREA A—English Language Communication & Critical Thinking

Three courses and a minimum of 9 semester units are required. Select one course from each group below.

A1.* Oral Communication

Required courses: 
COMM 101Public Speaking3
COMM 106Group Communication3
COMM 207Interpersonal Communication3

A2.* Written Communication

Required courses: 
ENGL 100Composition and Reading4

A3.* Critical Thinking

Required courses: 
COMM 212Argumentation3
ENGL 201Critical Thinking, Composition, and Literature4
ENGL 201HCritical Thinking, Composition, and Literature (Honors)4
ENGL 202Critical Thinking and Composition4
ENGL 202HCritical Thinking and Composition (Honors)4
PHIL 100Informal Logic and Critical Thinking3
READ 100Critical Reading and Thinking3

AREA B—Scientific Inquiry & Quantitative Reasoning

Three courses and a minimum of 9 semester units are required. Select one course from each group below. One course must include a corresponding laboratory from group B1 or B2. (Lab courses are noted with the # symbol.)

B1. Physical Science

Required courses: 
ASTR 101Descriptive Astronomy3
ASTR 101LDescriptive Astronomy Laboratory #1
ASTR 120Life in the Universe3
ASTR 201Introductory Astronomy3
CHEM 100Introductory Chemistry #4
CHEM 100HIntroductory Chemistry (Honors) #4
CHEM 102Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry #4
CHEM 104Chemistry of Living Things (Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry) #5
CHEM 108Preparatory Chemistry #4
CHEM 110General Chemistry #5
CHEM 110HGeneral Chemistry (Honors) #5
CHEM 111General Chemistry #5
CHEM 111HGeneral Chemistry (Honors) #5
EART 106Earth and Space Science3
GEOG 101Physical Geography3
GEOG 101LPhysical Geography Laboratory #1
GEOL 101Physical Geology3
GEOL 101HPhysical Geology (Honors)3
GEOL 101LPhysical Geology Laboratory #1
GEOL 101LHPhysical Geology Laboratory (Honors) #1
GEOL 120Environmental Geology: Earth Hazards and Humanity3
OCEA 101Introduction to Oceanography3
OCEA 101HIntroduction to Oceanography (Honors)3
OCEA 101LIntroductory Oceanography Laboratory #1
PHSN 101Fundamentals of Physical Science3
PHSN 106Energy, Motion, and Matter: An Introduction to Physics and Chemistry3
PHSN 108Introduction to Climate Change3
PHSN 108HIntroduction to Climate Change (Honors)3
PHYS 111Introductory Physics I #4
PHYS 112Introductory Physics II #4
PHYS 151Principles of Physics I #4
PHYS 151HPrinciples of Physics I (Honors) #4
PHYS 152Principles of Physics II #4
PHYS 152HPrinciples of Physics II (Honors) #4
PHYS 253Principles of Physics III #4
PHYS 253HPrinciples of Physics III (Honors) #4

B2. Life Science

Required courses: 
ANTH 101Biological Anthropology3
ANTH 101HBiological Anthropology (Honors)3
ANTH 101LBiological Anthropology Laboratory #1
ANTH 105Evolution of Human Behavior3
ANTH 190Primate Behavior and Ecology3
BIO 100General Biology (Lecture and Lab) #4
BIO 101General Biology3
BIO 101LGeneral Biology Laboratory #1
BIO 102Ecology and Environmental Biology #4
BIO 103Animal Diversity3
BIO 105Genes and Technology in Society3
BIO 150General Botany #4
BIO 170Marine Biology #4
BIO 172Marine Ecology3
BIO 202Foundations of Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity, and Organismal Biology #4
BIO 204Foundations of Biology: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, and Molecular Biology #4
BIO 204HFoundations of Biology: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, and Molecular Biology (Honors) #4
BIO 220Human Physiology #4
BIO 230Introduction to Microbiology (F'14)5
HORT 116Plant Science #4
PSYC 260Physiological Psychology3

B3. Laboratory Activity: This requirement may be met by the completion of any lab course that corresponds to a lecture course found above in B1 or B2 (noted by the # symbol).

B4.* Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning: A minimum of 3 semester units is required.

Required courses: 
BIO 180Biostatistics4
BTEC 180Biostatistics4
BUS 204Business Statistics3
MATH 103Statistics4
MATH 105Concepts and Structures of Elementary Mathematics I3
MATH 106Concepts and Structures of Elementary Mathematics II3
MATH 112Mathematical Analysis for Business3
MATH 115Calculus with Applications4
MATH 126Pre-Calculus I: College Algebra4
MATH 131Pre-Calculus II: Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry4
MATH 150Calculus and Analytic Geometry I5
MATH 150HCalculus and Analytic Geometry (Honors)5
MATH 155Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4
MATH 260Calculus and Analytic Geometry III4
MATH 260HCalculus and Analytic Geometry III (Honors)4
PSYC 104Statistics for Behavioral Science4
PSYC 104HStatistics for Behavioral Science (Honors)4
SOC 104Statistics for Behavioral Science4
SOC 104HStatistics for the Behavioral Sciences (Honors)4

AREA C—Arts & Humanities

Select one course from C1 and one course from C2. Select a third course from either C1 or C2. A minimum of 9 semester units is required.

C1. Arts

ART 100Drawing and Composition3
ART 101Design and Color3
ART 1033D Design3
ART 157Art Orientation3
ART 158Traditional Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas3
ART 201Objects and Ideas in Contemporary Art3
ART 244Digital Media for the Visual Artist (F'14)3
ART 254Understanding and Appreciating the Photographic Image3
ART 258Ancient to Gothic Art3
ART 259History of Renaissance to Modern Art3
ART 260History of Modern Art3
ART 260HHistory of Modern Art (Honors)3
ART 290Landmarks of Art3
COMM 111Oral Interpretation of Literature3
DESN 107History of Western Architecture -A Sustainable Perspective3
DNCE 100Dance Appreciation3
DNCE 101Dance History3
DNCE 105Dance Cultures of the World3
DRAM 105Introduction to Theatre3
DRAM 120Dramatic Literature (Ancient Greeks to Shakespeare)3
DRAM 121Dramatic Literature (Restoration to Present)3
DRAM 130Acting I3
DRAM 134Introduction to Performance3
FILM 101Introduction to Film (F'10)3
FILM 101HIntroduction to Film (Honors)3
FILM 106Study of Filmed Plays3
FILM 111Film History I: 1880-19453
FILM 112Film History II: 1945-Present3
MAT 105History of Graphic Design3
MUS 113Multicultural Roots of American Music3
MUS 114History of Rock and Roll3
MUS 115Introduction to Western Music3
MUS 116A Survey of World Music3
MUS 119Jazz History3
MUS 119HJazz History (Honors)3

C2. Humanities

CHNS 101Elementary Chinese (First Semester)4
CHNS 102Elementary Chinese (Second Semester)4
CHNS 121Introduction to Chinese Culture3
CHNS 201Intermediate Chinese (Third Semester)4
COMM 215Intercultural Communication3
DNCE 104Dance on Film3
FILM 111Film History I: 1880-19453
FILM 112Film History II: 1945-Present3
FILM 211Identity and Film: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality
FILM 212Women and Film: Representation and Impact3
FREN 101Elementary French (First Semester)4
FREN 102Elementary French (Second Semester)4
FREN 201Intermediate French (Third Semester)4
FREN 202Intermediate French (Fourth Semester)4
GRMN 101Elementary German (First Semester)4
GRMN 102Elementary German (Second Semester)4
GRMN 201Intermediate German (Third Semester)4
HIST 100World History to 1500 (F'11)3
HIST 100HWorld History to 1500 (Honors)3
HIST 101World History Since 1500 (F'11)3
HIST 101HWorld History Since 1500 (Honors) (F'11)3
HIST 103Western Civilization to 16483
HIST 103HWestern Civilization to 1648 (Honors)3
HIST 104Western Civilization Since 16483
HIST 104HWestern Civilization Since 1648 (Honors)3
HIST 115Women in American History3
HUMN 101Introduction to the Arts3
HUMN 101HIntroduction to the Arts (Honors)3
HUMN 201Humanities of the Western World: Pre-History Through the Middle Ages3
HUMN 202Humanities of the Western World: The Renaissance to the Twentieth Century3
HUMN 205Women in Western Art and Literature3
HUMN 250American Studies: First Contact Through the Civil War3
HUMN 251American Studies: 1870s to the Present3
ITAL 101Elementary Italian (First Semester)4
ITAL 102Elementary Italian (Second Semester)4
ITAL 103Elementary Italian for Spanish speakers (First Semester)4
ITAL 104Elementary Italian for Spanish speakers (Second Semester)4
ITAL 121Introduction to Italian Culture3
ITAL 201Intermediate Italian (Third Semester)4
ITAL 202Intermediate Italian (Fourth Semester)4
ITAL 210Intermediate Italian Conversation and Reading3
JAPN 101Elementary Japanese (First Semester)4
JAPN 102Elementary Japanese (Second Semester)4
JAPN 121Introduction to Japanese Culture3
JAPN 201Intermediate Japanese (Third Semester)4
JAPN 202Intermediate Japanese (Fourth Semester)4
LIT 120Introduction to Literature3
LIT 250American Literature: First Contact Through the Civil War3
LIT 251American Literature: Mid-1800s to the Present3
LIT 260English Literature Through the 18th Century3
LIT 261English Literature: Romantic to Contemporary3
LIT 265Shakespeare Studies3
LIT 265HShakespeare Studies (Honors)3
LIT 270World Literature to 16003
LIT 271World Literature Since 16003
MAT 105History of Graphic Design3
PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality3
PHIL 101HIntroduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality (Honors)3
PHIL 102Contemporary Moral Problems3
PHIL 221Philosophy of Religion3
RELG 101World Religions3
RELG 105Eastern Religions3
SPAN 101Elementary Spanish (First Semester)4
SPAN 102Elementary Spanish (Second Semester)4
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish (Third Semester)4
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish (Fourth Semester)4
SPAN 203Spanish for Native Speakers4
SPAN 205Hispanic Film, Literature, and Composition3

AREA D—Social Sciences

Select three courses from at least two different disciplines.

ADM 100Introduction to the Administration of Justice3
ADM 100HIntroduction to the Administration of Justice (Honors)3
ADM 200Concepts of Criminal Law (F'11)3
ANTH 102Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 102HCultural Anthropology (Honors)3
ANTH 103Introduction to Archaeology3
ANTH 104Native American Cultures3
ANTH 105Evolution of Human Behavior3
ANTH 190Primate Behavior and Ecology3
CHLD 113Child and Adolescent Growth and Development (F'11)3
CHLD 210Child, Family, and Community (F'11)3
COMM 120Principles of Human Communication3
COMM 135Gender Studies in Communication3
COMM 220Introduction to Mass Communication3
CSIT 160Technology, the Individual, and Society3
ECON 100Survey of Economics3
ECON 101Principles of Economics: MACRO3
ECON 102Principles of Economics: MICRO3
GEOG 102Cultural Geography3
GEOG 104World Geography3
GEOG 108Environmental Sustainability and Society3
GERO 101Introduction to Aging3
GERO 250Intergenerational Issues3
HIST 100World History to 15003
HIST 100HWorld History to 1500 (Honors)3
HIST 101World History Since 15003
HIST 101HWorld History Since 1500 (Honors)3
HIST 105History of England3
HIST 105HHistory of England (Honors)3
HIST 106History of Technology3
HIST 106HHistory of Technology (Honors)3
HIST 107East Asian Societies3
HIST 109History of the Middle East3
HIST 109HHistory of the Middle East (Honors)3
HIST 110United States History to 18773
HIST 110HUnited States History to 1877 (Honors)3
HIST 111United States History Since 18773
HIST 111HUnited States History Since 1877 (Honors)3
HIST 113American Military History3
HIST 113HAmerican Military History (Honors)3
HIST 115Women in American History3
HIST 116History of the Americas to 18303
HIST 116HHistory of the Americas to 1830 (Honors)3
HIST 117History of the Americas Since 18303
HIST 117HHistory of the Americas Since 1830 (Honors)3
HIST 141Mexican American History Through 1877 (F'10)3
HIST 142Mexican American History Since 1877 (F'10)3
HIST 145African American History to 1877 (F'10)3
HIST 146African American History Since 1877 (F'10)3
HIST 165California History3
NUTR 108Cultural Aspects of Foods and Nutrition3
PLSC 101Introduction to Political Science3
PLSC 102American Institutions and History (F'09)4
PLSC 103Comparative Government3
PLSC 150Introduction to International Relations3
PSYC 100Psychology of Personal Growth3
PSYC 101General Psychology3
PSYC 101HGeneral Psychology (Honors)3
PSYC 103Social Psychology3
PSYC 115Human Sexuality (F'12)3
PSYC 121Human Development3
PSYC 125Psychology of Women3
PSYC 145Psychology/Sociology of the Family (F'11)3
PSYC 170Psychology of Aging: Adult Development and Aging3
PSYC 211Learning and Behavior Modification (F'14)3
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 101HIntroduction to Sociology (Honors)3
SOC 103Social Psychology3
SOC 105Introduction to Justice Studies3
SOC 110Comparative Cultures3
SOC 120Introduction to Women's Studies3
SOC 130Introduction to Gender Studies3
SOC 145Psychology/Sociology of the Family (F'11)3
SOC 207Race and Ethnic Relations (F'10)3
SOC 230Introduction to Chicana/o Studies3
SOC 240Introduction to Black Studies3

History, Constitution and American Ideals Requirement

All CSU campuses have a graduation requirement in History, Constitution and American Ideals. Students may be certified as completing this requirement by completing one course from Group I and one course from Group II; or by completing the course in Group III.

Group I

HIST 110United States History to 18773
HIST 110HUnited States History to 1877 (Honors)3
HIST 116History of the Americas to 18303
HIST 116HHistory of the Americas to 1830 (Honors)3
HIST 141Mexican American History Through 18773
HIST 145African American History to 18773

Group II

HIST 111United States History Since 18773
HIST 111HUnited States History Since 1877 (Honors)3
HIST 117History of the Americas Since 18303
HIST 142Mexican American History Since 18773
HIST 146African American History Since 18773
HIST 165California History3

Group III

PLSC 102American Institutions and History4

These courses may be used to partially satisfy the Area D requirement.

AREA E—Lifelong Learning & Self-Development

Select one course. A minimum of 3 units is required.

BUS 136Human Relations in Business (F'13)3
BUS 147Personal Finance (F'10)3
CHLD 113Child and Adolescent Growth and Development (F'11)3
CHLD 205Health, Safety, and Nutrition (F'11)3
COUN 100College and Career Success3
CSIT 165Living in an Online World3
GERO 101Introduction to Aging (F'11)3
HEAL 101Principles of Health3
INTR 100Foundation Skills for the College Experience4
NUTR 100Nutrition Today3
NUTR 105Human Performance and Sports Nutrition3
NUTR 125Nutrition and Aging3
PSYC 100Psychology of Personal Growth (F'11)3
PSYC 115Human Sexuality3
PSYC 121Human Development (F'11)3
PSYC 145Psychology/Sociology of the Family3
PSYC 170Psychology of Aging: Adult Development and Aging3
SOC 145Psychology/Sociology of the Family3

Important Information & Footnotes

This general education certification pattern can be subject to change year by year, but students are assured that courses taken to meet this pattern will be honored if they are approved for the academic year that the course is completed. Courses on this list are approved effective fall 2016 and are valid through summer 2017.

Certification of this general education pattern is not a CSU admission requirement. Students should work with a MiraCosta College counselor to develop an educational plan that includes general education and major preparation course work.

Credit will not be awarded for both the honors and non-honors version of a course.

Courses listed in two different areas may be used in either area but not both.


MiraCosta College will not certify courses in Area A or B4 that have not been completed with a minimum grade of "C" or "P."


Course approved beginning semester and year indicated. Course taught on campus prior to CSU GE approval.


 Laboratory course.